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Our company AVGOULAS MICH. & GEOR. OE WATCHES - JEWELERY DECORATIVE ITEMS, TIN 082637007, GEMI 071176320000, DOU KO, headquarters APELOU 8, 85300 Kos and phone 2242025983 will be referred to hereinafter as

Use of this site (ordering products, use of services, navigation, etc.) implies agreement with the Legal Terms of Use, which you please read carefully before using it. For this reason, the primary concern of the legal owners and administrators of is the listing of the following terms, which govern its rights and obligations to all of you who will visit its websites, and which aims to inform you for your own rights and obligations and your best service in the search and acquisition of the products you wish to buy from its store.


All material, trademark or other content of this site is an asset and is subject to the relevant copyright legislation. It is protected by the legal and copyright of and by third parties who have provided the company with the above materials for product promotion. Reproduction of the contents of this site (all or part of it) for personal use, exploitation / removal / conversion / copying / rental / lending / publication and for any reason by third parties, without the relevant permission of gm-gold is prohibited .gr or third parties who have provided the above materials to promote the products. does not have the right to sell the license of those materials, which it has legally obtained from third parties for the promotion of their respective products.

The contents of the site are used only as purchase information for the prospective buyer. Material from this site may not be sold, distributed or used in any way for profit but also for purposes that harm the interests of the company (production of logos, child pornography, exploitation, dishonest gain, insulting public decency, etc. .) and prohibited by law.

No part of this site may be viewed permanently or periodically by any other web server.

Any falsification or violation of the above terms, the Greek courts will be responsible for the implementation of the law.

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